Current issues of medicine

On April 26, a traditional, eleventh international scientific conference of students and young scientists in English, “Topical Issues of Medicine”, was held at STMU.

Professor Koshel V.I., Rector of the University, Stalinsky State Medical University, opened the conference with a greeting in English. Vladimir Ivanovich noted that every year the conference brings together more and more talented and enterprising young people from universities in Russia and foreign countries interested in achievements in the field of medicine. He expressed his gratitude to the heads of universities, scientific leaders who contributed to the active participation of speakers in this conference, and wished fruitful work, constructive dialogue and effective cooperation of all participants and organizers of the conference.

Professor Khojayan AB, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs addressed the conference participants, stressing that participation in scientific circles, conferences, seminars, master classes allows students to engage in real scientific work that promotes the effective development of scientific relations, stimulates and promotes innovative projects, increases the interest of students and young scientists to research.

Guests from India, Professor Emeritus of the State Medical University, Advisor to the All-India Alumni Association of Foreign Medical Universities, Head of Ameer Specialty Clinics, New Delhi, Chennai, Madurai (India) Dr. A. Ameer Jahan and President of the All-India Alumni Association of Foreign Medical Universities, President of the International Center Medical Education and Research, Director General of AJ Trust Educational Consultancy (Chennai, India) Dr. A. Najeerul Ameen welcomed the participants of the conference and expressed their gratitude to the Rector and staff of the University for treasure in the development of medical science and fruitful cooperation, as well as the opportunity for foreign students to express themselves in all activities, including research.

In response, the Rector of the University thanked the Indian colleagues for their assistance in organizing and carrying out significant activities aimed at supporting all our initiatives concerning the strengthening of Russian-Indian relations in the field of higher medical education and science, thanks to which the image of Stavropol State Medical University in India and others is developing countries.

Member of the student scientific society Adzege Fauren Matilda (Nigeria) noted with pride that the university provides an excellent opportunity for students to acquire modern medical knowledge and invaluable experience, conduct research work under the guidance of teachers, share new ideas, participate in scientific conferences, and expressed best wishes to all participants of the conference.

The conference held a teleconference between medical universities: Stavropol State Medical University (Russia) –– the International Center for Medical Education and Research (Chennai, India).

The conference participants listened to an on-line lecture by Dr. P. Nellaiappar, Professor of Plastic Surgery, Head of the Department of the State Stanley Medical University and Hospital (Chennai, India) “Surgery on the upper limbs.”

At the university, Indian professors gave two lectures: “Fungal skin diseases” – Dr-A. Ameer Jahan, Professor of Andrology, Venereology and Sexopathology at the International Center for Medical Education and Research (Chennai, India), Head of Ameer Speciality Clinics (New Delhi, Chennai and Madurai – India); “Gastric and Duodenal Ulcers” – Dr.Verma Kamal Kishore, Director Dr. Kamal kv’s Institute for graduates of foreign medical schools (New Delhi, India). All lectures aroused great interest among the audience.

During the conference, a master-class in English “First Aid and Emergency Aid” was held (FAST International Student Rescue Society under the guidance of associate professors OV Vladimirova and A. Muravyova).

The conference was attended by 630 foreign and Russian students, young scientists and teachers.

In five sections 48 reports were presented on topical issues of theoretical, practical medicine and biomedical sciences. The speakers showed their abilities, professionalism and creative approach to research, presented original presentations.

According to the conference materials published a collection of scientific theses, which included the work of 201 authors of Russian and foreign universities.

Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Students S.V. Znamenskaya, summing up the conference, noted the relevance and importance for research and practice of topics of research speakers.

Professor Koshel V.I., Rector of the University, State Medical University, and Prof. A. Khojayan, Vice-Rector for Academic Activities. cups and diplomas were given to the winners and organizers of the conference, letters of thanks to professors from India: Dr. A. Ameer Jahan, Dr. A. Najeerul Ameen, Dr. Verma Kamal Kishore, Dr. P. Nellaiappar, Associate Professor of Moscow State Medical -Stomatological University named after A.I. Evdokimova Karton E.A.

Letters of thanks are sent to the rectors of universities for the high level of training of their students for participation in the International Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists in English “Actual issues of medicine.”

The participants of the conference laid flowers at the monument to teachers and students of SSMU who died during the Great Patriotic War.

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