Petitioner Shahul Hameed who has got admission in Stavropol State Medical University, Russia with A.J. Trust Educational Consultancy along with 56 others approached Delhi High Court on 3rd August 2018 for further one time exemption from NEET UG to enrolled into MBBS course abroad this academic year.

Judge asked to represent them to Union Health Ministry and MCI on the above mentioned one time exemption.

Petitioners then represented to Health Ministry, MCI and few Member of Parliament (Shri Anwhar Raajhaa, Shri P.R. Sundaram, etc) on the same.

Hence, “petitioners got justice in their favour on 27th September 2018 from Delhi High Court and got exempted from NEET for one Time Exemption to enrolled into MBBS course abroad for 2018 academic year”, said Dr A. Najeerul Ameen, Director A J Trust.