The results of competitions in foreign languages ​​and Latin language and medical terminology, in which students of our university participated, were summed up.

March 18-22, 2019 in the XXIX Regional Interuniversity Competition in Foreign Languages ​​(Stavropol, NCFU) participated 102 students from various educational institutions, including 28 students of 1-3 courses of medical, paediatric, dental faculty and faculty of foreign students of StSMU.

The purpose of the Olympiad is to shape students ‘interests in the history and culture of other countries, increase the students’ motivation to learn foreign languages, develop foreign language communicative competence, and develop a respectful attitude to other cultures and languages.

Among the Russian-speaking students, the winners are:

       1st place – Gladyshev Andrei, 237 and a group of the faculty of foreign students;

      2nd place – Daria Savenko, 112th group of the medical faculty.

Among foreign students, all prizes were taken by students of the Staryan State Medical University, faculty of foreign students:

    1st place – Azaglo Landry Edzordzi, 218A

    2nd place – Marimuthu Nivetha, 315A

    3rd place – Choudhary Mitesh Kumar- 216A, Konikkar Babi Bini, 315A

From March 7 to April 1, on the basis of StSMU, the Department of Foreign Languages ​​held 2 intra-university competitions:

          In the intra-university competition in a foreign language (English) 32 students took part in 1-2 courses from all faculties, which were to complete 10 tasks.


    1st place – Bodulina Nina, 110 group of medical faculty;

    2nd place – Kryvchak Anastasia, 101 groups of medical faculty;

    3rd place – Blagorodova Marina, 225 group of the paediatric faculty.

The purpose of the Inter-University Olympiad in Latin and Medical Terminology, which was held under the motto “Quantum scimus, gutta est, ignoramus mare” (“What we know, just a drop, which we don’t know the sea”) was to improve and deepen knowledge in the anatomical, clinical terminology and creativity in the implementation of 19 design tasks. 42 students 1 courses of all faculties participated in the Olympiad.

The winners are:

    1st place – Tumanyan Gayane, 105th group of medical faculty;

    2nd place – Gomzhina Anastasia- 123 paediatrician group Faculty / Artyushenko Alyona, 123 paediatrician group faculty;

    3rd place – Molhozova Alina, 105th group of medical faculty.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to the staff of the department of foreign languages ​​for preparing students for the Olympiad!