Students Spring Festival of the BRICS and SCO countries

      From 4 to 9 June, the Stavropol Region received guests at the III International Festival “Student Spring Festival of the BRICS and SCO Countries”. About 2500 participants of the III International Festival “Student Spring Festival of the BRICS and SCO Countries” from 23 countries of the world gathered in the regional capital.


A rich festive program was prepared for residents and guests of the city: educational forums, the international music contest ” Univervidenie “, the creative project “Art Hall”, sports and even e-sports competitions, as well as the contest “Queen of Students – 2019”.

The students of the Stavropol State Medical University took an active part in organizing and conducting the III International Festival “Student Spring Festival of the BRICS and SCO Countries” as volunteers for various services: medical, security, the international creative project of the Art Hall, and the Educational Forum of the BRICS and SCO countries held at the base of Stavropol State Medical University.



The honoured guests and participants of the panel discussion of the Educational Forum were L.S. Izmailova, director of the National Accreditation Agency in the field of education; IN AND. Skorobogatov, chief analyst at Glavexpertsentra Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science; A.A. Tesevich, Project Manager, OJSC Rostelecom; M.V. Filaretov, program director of the youth department of the Council of Europe (Strasbourg), moderator of the site I.M.Goryunova, head of the public relations department of Rosobrnadzor.

This international communication platform allowed the exchange of experience of vice-rectors, chairmen of student councils of educational institutions of higher education, representatives of student assets of universities participating in the festival. At 3 sites were discussed topics related to improving the system of training in higher educational institutions of the participating countries of the festival, as well as the system of accreditation of universities), the possibilities of coaching communities, training centers, network educational, mentoring, student educational projects aimed at improving certain softs graduates of educational organizations.



The forum focused on practitioners, approaches and values in personal and social education programs designed to increase the range of skills and knowledge outside the curriculum in an educational institution.



On June 7, the ceremonial closing ceremony of the educational forum at STMU took place, the honored guests of which were the governor of the Stavropol Territory Vladimir Vladimirov and the head of the city of Stavropol A.H. They delivered a welcoming speech, after which the participants were able to ask them questions of interest. Important topics related to the field of education, including informal ones, were raised.



“Our task is to learn not only to read and write, but also to keep in ourselves what you need to pass on to every person, people, and country. Therefore, of course, education today means much more than we can imagine, ”said V.V. Vladimirov.

Having considered, within the framework of the work of the Educational Forum, a wide range of issues relevant for both Russian and foreign education, its participants elaborated a number of proposals, in the discussion of which Vladimir Vladimirovich Vladimirov actively participated.

These ideas of the forum participants were reflected in the resolution signed at the Educational Forum of the III International Festival “Student Spring Festival of the BRICS and SCO Countries”. Participants identified priorities in the areas of “Quality of Education” and “Informal Education”. Among them are such items as “the development of uniform regulations for youth coaching,” “the creation of common standards for the development of student commissions,” “the formation of a network of trained student experts.”
The Russian-Vietnamese dialogue was also held at the site of the Educational Forum held on the basis of STMU. The main purpose of the meeting is to resolve issues of cooperation. It is worth noting that the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is not part of either the BRICS association or the SCO association and is considered a special invited guest at the International Festival, with whom the cross-exchange program will be implemented in 2019-2021.

The Ho Chi Minh Youth Communist Union presented the activities of its organization in a video clip. To the greeting of the representatives from Russia, the head of the Vietnamese delegation Ho Hong Nguyen replied: “Dear Russian friends! First of all, I would like to thank you for the warm welcome, wonderful meetings, support that you give us during all the days of the festival. This is our first working visit to Russia. Of course, in the future we will have many trips around the world. But it is this one that will remain in our hearts as the most impressive. As for relations between Vietnam and Russia, we have had and will have a rich history. Within the framework of the cross year there will be many events and meetings, thanks to which we will develop our cooperation in a multilateral way in order to bring more benefits. ”
The priority tasks of working with young people in the Russian-Vietnamese dialogue were the following: development and support of creative youth, volunteer volunteering and entrepreneurial activities, patriotic education, promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

In preparing the article, press releases and a photo of the Student Spring Festival of the BRICS and SCO Countries group were used on the VKontakte Internet network, as well as the information center of the State Medical University.

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